At Zero Spot, we provide a holistic suite of laundry-related services to serve you better.

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services
  • As we predominantly serve clients in the hospitality industry, our dry cleaning and laundry services cover room linen, F&B linen, staff uniform and guest valet.

Linen rental
  • Zero Spot works in close collaboration with top suppliers to offer a variety of room linen for rental. Besides ensuring that the thread count, colour and design meet our clients’ expectations, we also take special care in ensuring quality is never compromised.

Consultation and Linen Management System
  • Laundering is a stage-by-stage process, and we envision that at times our clients may want to know how their washes are progressing. Now this information is yours with just a simple click of the mouse. All you need to do is apply for our complimentary inventory tracking software which integrates the latest RFID technology , allowing you to conveniently check the delivery schedule and other details.

Equipment distribution
  • Zero Spot also carries a full range of laundry equipment in different capacities for sale. With our extensive experience in the laundry industry, we can also provide helpful advice on the best models for your needs.